Our Causes

Every cup of coffee, shirt, hat, mug, and everything else will support these 3 causes.

We will be donating 35% our profits to organizations who help in these areas, but have a vision of donating 50% of our profits as we grow!

Under Privileged Communities

From our inner cities to the most rural parts of the world, there is much work to be done. We will share the stories of organizations that help others build a new life.

Mental Health

From young and men women with anxiety/depression and victims of abuse to the men and women who have served with PTSD. We strive to help all who deal with a battle in their own mind.

Natural Disasters and Eco Friendly Initiatives

We will strive to show up when disaster hits. To help provide support to organization when a hurricane hits or any other disaster.

We will also support the groups trying to change the world through Eco Friendly initiatives. We are in your corner!